Meet Jamie.

Hollywood actors and actresses that have their own personal lives also to attend with like having a great bonding time with the brothers and sisters. If that actor or actress is famous so as their brothers and sisters as they are blood related and being famous is really with them because they both belong into the world of media. One of them is Britney Spears and she has her sister Jamie Spears.

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Who is Jamie Spears?

In April 4, 1991, a girl named Jamie Lyn Watson was born. She is the younger sister of Britney Spears who is known as the famous pop singer internationally. In the year 2005, she became prominent after being one of the casts of the series Zoey 101 in Nickelodeon television. She has portrayed the role of Zoey Brooks in that television show.

In 2007, Jamie Lyn in her sixteen years has already faced a controversy. This happened as she announced her pregnancy.  She successfully gave birth to her daughter named Maddie Aldridge and in the following next year, she has timed out with her career. In year 2013, Jamie Lyn has re-launched her left career as a recording music artist of music country. Because of this, she was able to release her own debut single from the first LP she has and this is entitled as “How could I want more”.